10 ways to raise a good child

We dream of growing successful, independent and creative children. All in order for them to live a full, secure and interesting life. But do we forget about one important quality, without which it is very difficult to become happy?

This is kindness. It does not make us richer materially, but it fills our life with meaning. Ultimately, being human and being compassionate is something that parents must rely on in their upbringing.

How to grow a good person

Kindness determines our view of the world, so it is impossible to grow up a good child and not change at the same time. When we demand something from the child and do not back up with our example, then we teach manipulation and deceit. Therefore, practice is the best way to bring up kindness in children.

  • Build a trusting relationship with your child.
  • Be an example to him.
  • Help others and involve the child.
  • Read good books and watch good cartoons.
  • Teach to be thankful.
  • Learn to look positively at the world.
  • Teach your child to be responsible for his actions.
  • Respect your child's personality. And be compassionate towards your child.
  • Help the child learn to understand their feelings. Do not judge negative emotions, but help them survive.
  • Help the child look at the world without bias and stereotypes.

A source: ihappymama.ru

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