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"Surya Namaskara" is perhaps the most famous morning complex of asanas, which people use all over the world. Its name even translates "Greeting the Sun". This yoga technique improves blood and lymph circulation, increases flexibility, awakens and tones all

What to do with a tired mom's syndrome

Parental fatigue is a treacherous thing. On the one hand, all parents are tired, it's the same 24 / 7 work without days off. But, on the other hand, it's taken to this fatigue to take it lightly, like everyone lives like this, no one died, our moms and not with that ...

The bone on the leg is compressed and disappears, the arthrosis of the foot does not bother anymore! Our grandmothers masterfully mastered this kind of massage.

Her husband returns home after midnight, and on the threshold his wife meets a rolling pin ... Do you think an anecdote? Nothing like this! Simply the spouse knows about advantage of exercises with a rolling pin. Massage and exercise with a rolling pin is not a trendy trend. There are half-forgotten, but again