First course

Almond soup

Today I suggest trying a recipe from Turkish cuisine - almond-based soup. This is a light creamy cream soup. It has a delicate texture and a very mild taste.

Vegetarian ramen

Ramen - Asian noodles in a broth, on top of which various additives are laid out. There are many cooking options, I propose to cook vegetarian ramen. FROM

Fish hodgepodge

The first remnants of fish from dinner in soups for tomorrow were used by the inhabitants of the Primorye. The first dish was saturated, satisfying.

Bonn soup

Bonn soup is an excellent dietary first course. It will allow you to lose weight. At the same time, the soup is tasty, simple, delicate, fragrant and extremely

Lazy cabbage soup

This is one of the fastest recipes for first courses. I cook such cabbage soup on chicken wings, and I use Beijing cabbage. As a result, everything is cooked much