Nutrition of the child by months from birth to one year

Nutrition of the child in 12 months

Baby food 12 month

Baby food: 1 year. The kid will soon be one year old. Only now will it be possible to complete breastfeeding, but this is not necessary. If there is a desire and opportunity to continue, feed it to your health. Breastfeeding at this stage is no longer as a method of obtaining food, but as an opportunity to feel protected, calm down, quickly and calmly fall asleep, and just be ...

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baby food 11 months

Baby food 11 month

Nutrition for the baby: 11 months The diet of an eleven month old baby includes two breastfeeds, morning and evening. Night feeding can be gradually phased out, but it is not advisable to exclude breast milk completely before a year. The menu of a kid of this age contains a full variety of products - fish, meat, cottage cheese, kefir, milk, cereals, vegetables, fruits, bread. Diversify the composition of the dishes, but by no means ...

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Nutrition of the child in the first 7 months

Baby food 10 month

Baby food: 10 months. The nutrition of a ten month old baby already has a significant variety of foods introduced gradually by this age. Your task is to turn on your imagination and diversify the baby's diet using different options for their preparation. We continue breastfeeding in the mode of awakening - falling asleep (at least twice). New products are seasonal fruits and vegetables. But if the ripening of the fruit is necessary ...

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Nutrition of the child in nine months

Baby food 9 month

Baby food: 9 months. At the age of nine months, breast milk is still advisable and useful, but it is no longer in the first place. We continue to acquaint the baby with new products. We introduce fish. It is better to use boiled low-fat fish of oceanic origin (pollock, hake, cod) or river (pike perch, carp). Wash the fish in cold water, and do not soak it before cooking, because ...

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Baby food 7 month

Baby feeding: 7 months At the age of seven months, baby feeding has a wide variety of complementary foods, and it becomes more difficult. We begin to taste cheeses, meat and fish purees, crackers, biscuits, bread. The main recommendations for the introduction of complementary foods remain the same: - gradual; - use one type of new product at one time, so that you can clearly track the reaction of the child's body (his ...

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