What does the pregnant girl dream about: joyful or sad. The main interpretations, why dreams, that a girlfriend is pregnant


In dreams can be a variety of pictures and events, there may be meetings and acquaintances, various dialogues, even animals can come to life in a dream.

Why dreams that a friend is pregnant - it is worth investigating.

What does the pregnant girlfriend - the main interpreting

Pregnancy is the most beautiful period in a woman's life. Many only dream of becoming mothers, and even the dream in which they have this dream come true - brings them joy. Why dream that a friend is pregnant?

Such a dream is likely indicates its susceptibility to influence from the outside. She is a very suspicious person and is quickly influenced from outside. In order that this does not happen so often - she should think about all her actions on her own.

She is too easily susceptible to suggestion and can quickly follow fashion trends. Most likely, someone already has influence on her for mercenary purposes and you, as her friend, should warn her about the possible danger.

Also, relatives can put pressure on her in a very important issue for them. If you see that girl needs support and help - help her, because she alone will break the firewood and can not figure out anything.

Also, such a dream may indicate that you and your girlfriend share the same ideas and plans that you have in common. It is important to remember that you also play an important role in the implementation of the project, do not give up positions and abandon the idea. Your girlfriend completely supports you in this and wishes you only good.

Also, if you had plans for a joint vacation with her - you should take a closer look at this issue. This is really what you both need now. If you have already set a goal - do not give up, everything will turn out the best.

If you dream a dream in which your girlfriend is pregnant and crying - you should pay attention to your health, most likely you will be expecting protracted diseases with a complex course.

If the pregnant girlfriend has come to you in the frustrated feelings because of the bad state of health - you should pay attention to whether you have healthy gynecological organs and pelvic organs. If you have had problems with them in the past, the disease may worsen.

You should not immediately after such a dream warn a friend that she may be pregnant, most likely this is just a dream and it has a very different meaning. It is also worth paying attention to other details of the dream, they are important in order to form a complete picture of the dream.

It's important to remember all the people present in the dream, everything they said, what they asked your friend and you. If you dream that a girlfriend is pregnant with your man - such a dream may indicate that trust between you will soon disappear forever and now it is better to strengthen it so as not to lose a truly loyal friend.

Why does trust disappear? The whole reason is that you, most likely, will forget about the important, about friendship. You will expect from the girlfriend of active actions and thus can not and will not want anything good to do for it.

If in a dream a pregnant girlfriend comes to you and asks you for advice - In reality you will have to deal with a rather complicated matter yourself. Do not panic and worry in advance, most likely, the problem will not be so important, and you quickly find an effective method for its resolution.

If you dream that a friend is in danger and at the same time, she is pregnant - you should seriously take care of her health. She will soon fall into a bad company and can not help herself. If you dream about how your pregnant girlfriend was beaten - she will have to endure a hard time, her health will worsen not only her health, but her financial situation.

You can help her if you want, of course, because, she will most likely blame everyone around her for her failures. If you dream that a girlfriend is pregnant, but does not want to save the child - such a dream indicates your and her hesitations in the general matter. From what the dream ends, depends also the result of your fluctuations with it.

Why dreams that a friend is pregnant according to the dream book of Freud

In the dream book of Freud, it is said what a pregnant friend dreams about. This dream means that a woman lacks affection and warmth, she looks for him in men, but does not find it. She herself wants to become a mother and therefore in her dream she sees pregnant woman close to her.

If a friend is happy about her pregnancy in a dream, then the woman is expected to have wonderful times in her life. She will rejoice in her relationships, her happiness. She will gladly enter into a new relationship, or develop the already existing ones.

If in a dream you dream, as your friend is upset that she is pregnant - you will also be disappointed in your beloved, you will not be able to depart morally from all the losses that will happen in your life for a long time.

If you dream about how your girlfriend gave birth to a child, but she does not name her father's name - you are waiting for secrets and puzzles in reality, you need a lot of time in order to forget the grievances and disappointments of the past. This negative experience of the past you to anything. You should take a closer look at your present and future, and do not dive into the problems of the past and seek their solutions.

If you dream, how you happily take care of a pregnant girlfriend - you also happily enter into a new intimate relationship. They will bring you real pleasure, you can look differently not only at the questions of love, but also to love yourself.

Why dreams that a friend is pregnant with an esoteric dream book

The esoteric dream book says that a friend's pregnancy in a dream may speak of the need to protect her. She, most likely, now herself, like a small child, needs custody and care. She herself is sentimental and vulnerable, and someone will now inflict a spiritual wound on her.

If the girlfriend is in reality really pregnant - she should beware of the evil eye and other problems with pregnancy and with her newborn baby. She is really envious and looking for flaws in her. The girl herself can not cope with such a negative, so she should help her.

If you dream that your girlfriend is pregnant with a married man - this dream says that her reality awaits problems and torments. She really can lose her true love, exchanging it for imaginary feelings. It is not necessary to support all of its undertakings and all its attempts to dramatically change something in life, they will still be ineffective.

What does a pregnant friend dream about in other dream books?

In Miller's dream book it says to what the pregnant girlfriend is dreaming. Such a dream, most likely, says that in her personal life, not everything is as smooth as she would like. It is high time for her to restore order in her life and reveal all the secrets in front of others, otherwise they will be discovered by chance that the girl will not be happy at all.

If the girlfriend is really awake in a delicate position, such a dream means that she will give birth to a healthy child and she will give birth easily. Also, such a dream can warn her that she can get into an embarrassing situation when she becomes a hostage of gossip and gossip. She should not worry too much about this, most likely all controversial issues will be resolved fairly quickly and the girl will be able to restore justice.

In the dream book Grishina it is said that if a man dreams that his girlfriend is pregnant - such a dream means that he is not ready to take responsibility for her and for her life. He, most likely, is ready only for a fleeting and free relationship, but not for the creation of a family, so he will be with her until he talks about the seriousness of their relationship.

In the dream book of Hasse it says:

• Pregnancy of a friend in a dream promises trouble for her;

• Girlfriend's terminated pregnancy - health problems;

• Multiple pregnancy of a friend - to infinite happiness.

If you dream that a girlfriend is pregnant and going on a long trip - you really need to dissuade her from such an idea, because it will not benefit her. She will fall into a rather difficult material situation.

If you see a crying girlfriend who does not want to have a baby - you yourself will cry in reality because of a rather difficult situation. It is not necessary to get frustrated in advance, because, you do not change anything drastically. You can only mentally prepare for future problems. This will allow you to keep your face in front of others.


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