10 tips for those who are planning a holiday at sea with children

In the summer, you want to not only take the child out of the city, but also to improve it, so parents often decide to spend a holiday by the sea. Soft sand, sun, salty air and, of course, sea water will give children bright impressions and emotions.

In order to have a rest with children failed, it's important to organize everything correctly and think over the little things that can spoil everything. Preparation can be divided into several stages: a trip in transport, a first aid kit, clothes, food, entertainment. This will depend on what type of holiday you choose: hotel "all inclusive" or you will independently look for accommodation, you will fly by plane or go by train.

Several universal tips, which you should not forget about during the preparation for a trip with children:

  • Accommodation is better booked in advance in order to exclude turmoil upon arrival. With children to run around the city is not very convenient.
  • With babies you can fly already from two weeks, but from a long trip by bus it is better to refuse, even if you have toddlers.
  • Bring along the road drinking water and a light snack for children.
  • Do not take with you a lot of clothes, in advance, think up convenient kits for every day. Take into account the cool weather, and grab the sweatshirt with long sleeves and pants.
  • To bathing in the open sea is better to start gradually: to wet the legs, swim in the inflatable pool, and then swim in the sea.
  • Remember the dangers of sunlight. Stock up in advance with sunscreen (+ 1 optional), cream from burns, cooling cream, umbrella or awning, panamas, sunglasses. The most optimal time for a beach is up to 11 and after 17 hours.
  • Exotic or unfamiliar food is better for children. If there are no other options, it's best to cook yourself to avoid poisoning and diarrhea.
  • After swimming, do not forget to disguise small children in dry clothes. Do not let the swimsuit or swimming trunks get dry on the baby.
  • Think about leisure for children. See what sights, excursions, activities can be visited with the child in a new place. In addition, children can take their favorite books, materials for creativity, sets for games with sand, coloring, etc.
  • Especially carefully collect the first aid kit. The basic set: iodine, plaster, bandage, cotton wool, thermometer, vasoconstrictive drops, antiallergic drugs, antipyretic, enterosorbents, probiotics.

A source: ihappymama.ru

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