Vladimir Kuzmin: what does the beloved rock singer of the Diva do today and where did he go?

Our family has many relatives living in different countries of the former Soviet Union. Periodically, we go to visit them. One of our trips I remember also because all the way the song "You are a fairy tale in my life" Vladimir Kuzmin. I did not really know then, what kind of artist is he and what other songs he has.

And Vladimir had known from childhood that he loved music forever. At 5-year-old boy already mastered the electric guitar, and at 6 years wrote his first song.

He studied at school well and for the release already knew for sure that he wants to connect his life with music. But still decided to try to get a "normal" education.

At the railway institute, he studied for only two years. Then the guy took the documents and entered the music school for the flute department. Among his classmates, he was the worst in this tool. But already at the exams, his game was one of the best.

In addition to flute and guitar, Volodya also mastered the violin. This only helped him in the future: he was undoubtedly taken to the VIA "Hope". It was the first collective to perform Vladimir's songs.

Some of them he wrote together with his first wife - a poetess Tatiana Artemieva. The couple legalized their relationship in 1977 year, but the guy had to long seek the location of the girl.

Vladimir spent the night in the entrance near Tanya's apartment, and it was in the winter. Soon he began to cough heavily, so she took pity on him and let her into his house. So began their romantic story.

Soon they had three children - Katya, Stepan and Sonya. But the couple could not save their family.

Vladimir worked hard and still achieved success: his group "Dynamics" was known to everyone in the Soviet Union. Once journalists said that there are only two celebrities in the country - Alla Pugacheva and Vladimir Kuzmin. The prima donna was offended, and she decided to come to his concert.

She managed to persuade Vladimir to sing a duet. Soon their "Simon" sang the whole country. Fans began to say that they have an affair. "Yes, we had a creative union with her, a little romance, nothing more," Vladimir once said. At the peak of their popularity, he went on tour to Europe, and then to the States.

In America, he met with a photomodel Kelly Curzon and fell in love. After some time, the singer was fed up with the American way of life and decided to return to Moscow. Kelly came with him. They signed, but the marriage did not last long. Kelly went to America.

And Vladimir started writing one hit after another. Alla Pugacheva invited him to participate in the "Christmas Meetings". There he met Vera Sotnikova, with whom he lived for seven years.

Now he has a beautiful wife Katia Trofimova. They met in Anapa. Vladimir performed there with a concert, and Katya approached him to get an autograph. The singer immediately drew attention to the pretty blonde.

The girl did not immediately agree to a relationship with the singer, but a year later Katya still became the wife of a famous performer. At the wedding, he gave the young wife a song "You're a fairy tale in my life".

Now Vladimir continues concert activity. Recently, fans noticed that he somehow changed outwardly. Perhaps, I decided to use the services of a plastic surgeon, after all, Katya is younger than her husband more than 25 years.

Glad that Vladimir's fairy tale lasts in his life so far. Katya became his reliable support and support. We wish the spouses to keep their feelings until the old age.


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