Will vaccination help protect a cat from disease? What vaccinations and when do you need a kitten, how do they do (video)

  • Basic vaccination rules for cats
  • When vaccination is contraindicated in a cat
  • Mandatory vaccination of cats

Some cat owners are cautious and distrustful of vaccinations against various diseases. It is often believed that vaccination optional if the animal does not go outside.

But the fact that the owner can bring an infection on the sole of the shoe or with some objects cannot be ruled out. In addition, cats that do not leave home have a decrease in immunity. One way or another, vaccination is the surest way to avoid common feline diseases.

Basic vaccination rules for cats

To vaccinate your pet should be approached with great responsibility. In order for this procedure to achieve the optimal result, it is necessary to follow the basic rules.

First, the only healthy animals are vaccinated. Often, veterinarians recommend, before vaccination, days after 10, to carry out prophylaxis - deworming. After all, the presence of worms reduces immunity and the vaccine will become useless or even dangerous.

Second, the antihistamines are often prescribed before vaccinationto avoid allergic reactions.

Thirdly, you need to take a pet to the clinic on empty stomach, as often a reaction such as vomiting or diarrhea occurs on stress or on the vaccine itself.

When vaccination is contraindicated in a cat

As with any medical procedure, there are contraindications and limitations to vaccination.

It is forbidden to vaccinate pregnant and lactating cats.

Also, animals that were treated with antibiotics are not vaccinated.

Usually this procedure is postponed for two weeks.

Vaccination is canceled if the pet was in contact with a sick animal, because it is likely that the cat is already infected.

Mandatory vaccination of cats

If the cat regularly goes for a walk, visits the cottage with the owner, vaccination is mandatory.

On the street, a cat can come into contact with rodents and stray animals, which are often carriers of dangerous diseases.

She can taste something, eat grass, which grows in an unsightly place.

Another condition for compulsory vaccination is the participation of a cat in the exhibition, as well as the upcoming mating.

Without some vaccinations, the animal will not be allowed to fly on a plane or travel by train.

In other cases, the owner can decide whether or not to vaccinate his pet. But, eliminating the slightest likelihood of disease, you can avoid the dire consequences of diseases and prolong joyful communication with your beloved animal.

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