Doctors named three habits that provoke hemorrhoids

According to statistics, 75% of people experience hemorrhoids at least once during their life. A healthy lifestyle and getting rid of habits that provoke the disease will help to avoid this disease.

Sit in the toilet

People who spend more time on the toilet, distracted by the phone or reading, should be careful. Sitting on the toilet for too long puts extra strain on the veins, which can cause them to fall out.

Low in fiber

Most people don't get enough fiber for their body. As a result, the stool becomes too hard, it is difficult for feces to pass through the intestines and the pressure on it increases, which can cause veins to fall out.

Lift weights

Even a short and one-time lifting of a heavy object increases the risk of developing hemorrhoids. The tension that a person experiences at this moment creates additional pressure on the rectum, during which the veins fill with blood and can fall out.


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