The product that leads to infertility, scientists named

Sugary sodas lead to infertility, according to the journal Epidemiology. Drinking one soda a day increases the risk of infertility by 20-25%. And this applies even to dietary options for the drink.

Sugar soda lowers fertility. Frequent consumption of the drink leads to diabetes, hormonal imbalance and obesity, and these are also factors in the onset of infertility.

Sugary carbonated drinks contain substances that affect male sperm motility. The drink also harms the female body. Researchers assure that we are talking not only about natural conception, but also about in vitro fertilization.

Soda changes the pH level in the body. The sweetener aspartame in drinks damages the endocrine glands and causes hormonal imbalances. A person drinking soda can develop type XNUMX diabetes due to an increase in blood sugar.


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