Features of the breed of cats Egyptian Mau. Beautiful, restless, cunning and affectionate

  • Breed description
  • Characteristics of character
  • Feeding and care

Features of individual breeds are the priority of specialists. But, all the same, starting such a miracle as the Egyptian Mau, you must first familiarize yourself with the origin, conditions of detention and nutrition animal. If a pet is annoying at first sight with its activity and demand for attention, choose a cat of a different breed. After all, Mau is restless and playful as a child.

Breed description

Egyptian Mau cats are true beauties.

What is the contrasting pattern on the fur, and each animal is unique.

Clearly defined eyes and strips in the form of the letter M adorn the muzzle.

The main color is bronze, silver or smoky. The remaining shades indicate the disadvantages of the breed.

Green eyes and a wide bridge of the nose stand out on the sharp muzzle, and in kittens the shade of the eyes may be different, but in adults it is definitely green.

The ears, set wide and wide, are slightly rounded at the top.
The body is slim, but strong.

Weight reaches 4,5-6 kilograms. Of course, females are smaller, and cats are heavier and more solid.

Characteristics of character

Specialists note the loyalty of Mau to his master in everything. Most often, such a cat itself chooses its owner and remains faithful to him all his life. These animals are very curious and mobile. They can play and explore secluded places at home all day.

In order to occupy a cat and not worry about the safety of his belongings, you need to buy special toys for her. They should be different in both form and color. The animals of this breed have fully preserved the hunting instinct. A cat can hunt for slippers, legs, or any other moving object.

If she is on the street, she will not leave without prey. It can be a mouse or a small bird. All this will be brought to the beloved master as a sign of great love. At home, Mau loves to climb onto cabinets or other tall objects in order to control everything that happens from her observation post.

If you need to draw attention to yourself, she begins to meow. Although it is very difficult to call the sounds that are heard by meow. It is rather low rattling or purring.

Keep in mind that Egyptian Mau is very curious. If he is not allowed somewhere, he will always find a way to get around the ban and seep through the door. Even a closed refrigerator is not a problem for him.

She does not even conflict with dogs, not to mention relatives. Can play with any partners.

Meow usually sleeps during the day, and hunts at night.

Feeding and care

Caring for such cats is easy. It is required to periodically carry out hygiene procedures and choose a high-quality balanced feed. We must not forget about visiting a veterinarian to check whether the pet is healthy and to get the necessary vaccinations.

You can feed the cat with prepared food or natural food. In the latter case, it should not be what the owners did not eat. There are always a lot of preservatives, salt and sugar, and this is bad for the health of the pet.

To accustom a pet to hygiene procedures should be from an early age. If almost everyone likes combing, then trimming the claws and brushing the ears for all animals is not very pleasant. The first time you have to do it by force, holding the kitty by the paws.

Mau belongs to the elite breeds. In our country there are few of them. In addition, such kittens are expensive and therefore it is better to buy them in nurseries, where appropriate conditions of keeping and good veterinary control are provided.

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