Doctors explained what Sudden Death Syndrome is and how to avoid it

Doctors believe that sudden death syndrome in adults is caused by ventricular tachycardia, an abnormal heart rhythm. This can happen at any age and with absolutely healthy people.

Sometimes, before a fatal attack, people feel dizzy, are in a light-headed state. The syndrome often develops in the presence of stress. About a quarter of cases are caused by a specific pathology of the heart tissue, namely the potassium channels of internal straightening. It can only be found in a living person, since it is associated with the flow of ions through cells, reports the Daily Mail.

Sudden death syndrome in adults was first described in 1977, when it was discovered in Hmong refugees from China to the United States.

It is really necessary to undergo regular medical check-ups for those who feel well - some heart diseases develop imperceptibly. Timely diagnosis will help many to avoid death, even if now potential victims of the syndrome are not worried about anything.


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