How to increase growth by 5-10 cm? Exercises to get taller

Exercises on the horizontal bar - one of the methods to increase growth. By straightening the spine, they allow you to grow a few centimeters - more precisely, improve posture and visually become taller. A particularly quick effect is achieved when combined with stretching exercises.

According to reviews, regular exercise according to Berg's technique helps increase growth by a substantial 15–20 cm in adolescence and 5–10 cm in adulthood. In addition, you can become a little higher when changing hairstyles and clothing style.

// How to increase growth?

Increasing growth through exercise is only possible with regular training. Special stretching exercises according to Berg's technique must be performed 3-4 times a week for several months - this will help to stretch out even in adulthood.

At the same time, it is easiest for teenagers to grow by 5-10 cm, while the growth zones of their bodies remain open. In this case, the use of protein and calcium-rich foods and regular exercise will help to quickly increase growth and create a athletic figure.

Ultimately, improving posture and observing a number of simple rules in choosing the color of clothes can increase growth and make any person visually taller. Exactly and vice versa - weak body muscles, a hunchbacked spine and improper clothing will noticeably reduce body growth.

// How to grow by 5 cm:

  • regularly perform growth exercises
  • change the hairstyle (put hair in a gel)
  • change colors in clothes

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What affects the height of a person?

Research suggests that genetics plays a major role in shaping growth. Behavioral factors (adequate protein nutrition and regular exercise) contribute no more than 15-20% of the result¹. On the other hand, it is these 15-20% that will allow you to become 5 cm higher.

According to statistics, the average height of a Russian man is 175-177 cm², which is comparable with the figures for men in Europe and North America - 176 cm. The average height of a Russian woman is defined as 169 cm. Moreover, the average height of men in Asia is only 165 cm.

Berg's technique

Berg's technique is a set of exercises for stretching and straightening the spine, designed to increase growth. The technique itself consists of three complexes of asanas and a system of auto-training (meditation). Yoga performed under such a program can be effective for straightening the back and, as a result, increasing growth.

According to reviews, regular training on Berg can help grow by 15-20 cm - even in adulthood. However, the methodology has a number of contraindications, and also requires a serious level of physical fitness for the proper implementation of exercises.

How to grow by 5 cm - the main rules

By following the rules below, you can grow (or, more precisely, “stretch out”) even in adulthood. To increase growth, it is enough first of all to regularly exercise to straighten the spine, as well as revise your clothing style.

1. Straighten your back

Maintaining a good posture with molten shoulders and a straight back is a quick way to increase growth and become taller. There are many effective posture exercises that can help you straighten your back - most of them are borrowed from yoga.

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2. Strengthen your abdominal muscles

Constantly in a sitting position (starting from work in the office, ending with driving a car) leads to weakening of the muscles of the body and the transverse muscles of the abdomen. In turn, a strong press will improve your posture and make you stay straighter - allowing you to grow a few centimeters.

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3. Perform exercises on the horizontal bar

The developed muscles of the upper back and shoulders will not only facilitate the daily maintenance of proper posture, but will also lay the foundation for a sports physique. At the same time, pulling up on the horizontal bar is the best exercise for developing your back - they will straighten your spine and help increase growth.

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4. Increase the amount of protein in the diet.

Studies show that a lack of protein in a child’s diet is a key problem that impedes its growth. A sports diet for muscles will be very useful if you decide to regularly practice strength exercises to improve posture and straighten the spine.

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5. Go swimming

Swimming is considered one of the best ways to increase body growth and create a athletic figure. However, in order to noticeably stretch growth, it is necessary to swim actively and regularly - at least 1-2 km per lesson, alternating the styles of crawl and butterfly stroke.

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6. Dress correctly

Clothing can make a person visually higher or lower. The best combination for increasing growth is the combination of light jeans with a fitted T-shirt - in contrast, wide jeans and a long baggy jacket will make a person lower.

7. Change the hairstyle

Visually stretched in growth by several centimeters will also help hair raised up with a styling gel. At the same time, forget about the effect of “wet hair” and use exclusively matte styling products in small quantities.

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Nutrition to stretch in growth

Studies show that a lack of protein and calories in a child’s diet slows down body growth. For example, the average height of North Korean men is about 7 cm lower than that of South - the cause is chronic malnutrition and a lack of vitamins for several generations³.

In order for a child to successfully realize the genetic growth potential laid down in him and stretch out to the maximum number of centimeters, his diet should contain not only protein sources, but as many vegetables and whole grains as possible. Also, to increase the growth of children, it is important to regularly use omega-3 fats.

Growth Supplements

The most important supplements for increasing growth are vitamin D and magnesium. Research suggests that getting enough of these minerals with food, or taking vitamins with magnesium and zinc, is especially critical during adolescent growth.

As for calcium, the relationship between human growth and calcium intake is not supported by scientific research. In fact, supplementation with calcium does not improve bone conditions in adults at all. In other words, regular milk is not able to increase growth.

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How to increase growth surgically?

Adding 10-15 cm to their growth is easiest for adolescents to complete the puberty cycle, while the growth areas of the body remain open. In this case, special exercises for stretching the spine, hanging on the horizontal bar and regular swimming exercises will help to stretch out.

However, note that adolescent training should not include heavy basic barbell exercises. Such exercises negatively affect growth, since the exerted vertical load prevents the bones from growing. In addition, increased testosterone production closes growth areas.

Operation to increase growth

If growth retardation occurs during adolescence, the doctor may prescribe injections of growth hormone, leading to bone enlargement in open growth areas. However, for adults who want to be taller, this method will not work. In their case, exclusively surgical operation of bone extraction will help to increase growth.

The essence of the operation is that brackets with spokes inserted into the surface layer of the bone are installed on each leg; then the threaded rod gently extends approximately 0.25 mm four times a day. The operation adds 6-7 cm of growth, but takes up to 12 months, most of which the patient spends on crutches.


Regular exercises to improve posture (including the Berg technique), pumping abdominal muscles and doing yoga can increase growth, straighten your back and visually help grow. At the same time, the correct selection of clothes and hair styling with the help of a gel can also add 3-5 cm to growth.

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