Why is a stranger dreaming: good-natured, indifferent or aggressive? Basic interpretations - why the stranger is dreaming


Dreams are sometimes quite strange. Some of them tell about the future, others about the past.

In some dreams, you can view pictures of fantastic adventures, but each of them is worth explaining.

Why dream stranger? It is necessary to understand.

What does a stranger dream about - the main interpretation

Dreams in which you see your loved ones do not cause much anxiety and worry, but the dreams in which you see strangers - they can even scare. It's because you can expect anything from an unfamiliar person, both in reality and in a dream.

What does the stranger dream about? Such a dream should be interpreted completely. It is important to consider every detail and every detail of the dream:

• Where did the stranger come from in your dream;

• Was he alone, or there were several;

• What the stranger told you;

• Did he threaten your life;

• What kind of emotions the dream caused you.

Earlier it was believed that dreams of a stranger fell about in a person's life for a reason. Through such a dream, your guardian angel could talk to you. Usually they appear before an important event or a major misfortune.

If a stranger came to you from the sea - you should expect a rather difficult period in life. There will be a lot of tears and disappointments in it, do not settle for quick resolution of all your problems and resolve controversial issues. If you asked someone on the eve of a loan, you can be deceived, and you will have to owe a huge amount of money.

If a stranger has come down to you from the sky - this dream says that it's time for you to deal with your emotional anguish, which has long given you no peace. You have already tortured yourself with distrust of another person, with constant suspicions about him. He also suffers from your groundless accusations and doubts.

This can be both a colleague at work and a loved one. A more precise definition of the situation will give a complete interpretation of the dream. Also, such a dream can mean your meeting with the guardian angel, who tries to warn you against hasty events.

If there were several strangers, then a series of events will make you in the future either rejoice greatly or be very upset. It all depends on what the stranger was wearing. If these are light clothes and he himself is friendly and benevolent - you do not need to worry much.

If he is dressed in black robes and his voice is rude and cruel - you in time should gather the will into a fist, because the struggle for one's own rightness is inevitable. Do not be discouraged - you will manage to overcome a difficult life period, if two strangers visited you in a dream. One of which is very kind to you and affable and the second is cruel and embittered.

After such a dream, you will have the right to choose in life, whether to act in accordance with your conscience, or to do as the heart commands. Perhaps you yourself will have to go to baseness, for the sake of achieving your own goal. There's nothing to worry about, just weigh all the positive and negative sides of the situation and make your choice.

If a stranger talks to you for a long time and convincingly - you should remember all of his words - they contain the key to solving all your problems. If a stranger shows something to you - you should look at this detail of the dream and explain it separately, because this can be very important for you.

If a stranger threatens you and you really feel a danger to your life - you should beware of your health, especially if he is dressed in black clothes and he will have a hoarse voice. Such a dream says that you should yourself beforehand worry about your own well-being, and about the welfare of your loved ones.

If you dream that a stranger has become your fellow traveler and you travel together - such a dream promises significant changes in your life, but whether they are positive or negative - it is worth remembering exactly how your journey with him ended.

What a stranger dreams about in a dream book of Freud

In the dream book of Freud it is said that a stranger in a dream can be a reflection of the subconscious desire to acquire new relationships. Also, such a dream can say that it is time for her to change her usual place of life and travel a little, because she does not find joy in every day.

Also, such a dream can advise a woman to understand her hidden complexes and fears. If a woman in a dream makes love with a stranger - she lacks diversity in the intimate life, she is tired of the monotony and everyday problems, so her subconscious and gives a picture of a stormy and passionate love.

If a woman has a permanent partner, then it is better to discuss with him all the nuances of the future life together, to discuss what is lacking in intimate and moral terms, so as not to lose the relationship in the future.

If a man dreams of meeting a stranger - it is worth remembering all your emotions during and after sleep. Perhaps a man overcomes complexes, and he does not consider himself sufficiently handsome and attractive. Perhaps a man does not consider himself worthy of the hand and heart of a girl and therefore in a dream he was a fictional opponent, who seems to him better and stronger.

Dream Interpretation advises to fully explain the dream and take the only right decision - either to defend the already existing relationship, or to boldly move forward. A dream about a stranger can be a blessing to a pregnant woman. Such a dream can mean protection from above for not and her baby. If on the contrary, she feels sadness and fear after sleep - she does not need to make new acquaintances and do not trust her secrets to unfamiliar people.

What does a stranger dream about an esoteric dream book

In the Esoteric Dream Book it is said that a stranger dreams only in the case when someone observes your life. Having explained the dream completely, it is possible to determine whether this observation is in the positive key or in the negative one. If you dream that a stranger is harming you - expect from strangers tart comments and ridicule.

If a stranger appears in your house - wait for trouble at home, which caused someone else's rumor and someone else's envy. You, most likely, suspected of insidious plans of envious persons, maybe you have a rival.

If you dream that a stranger looks just like you - you need to take care of your health, you most likely will have to endure a hard time, and so that it passes without special problems and losses - plan all your words and deeds in advance.

If a stranger gives you a gift in a dream - you should expect a pleasant surprise in reality. Perhaps, it will even be a solution to the question that has longed you for a long time. If he gives you a bouquet of flowers - wait for a declaration of love, it will take you by surprise, but it will be especially pleasant.

What does a stranger dream about in other dream books?

In the modern dream book it is said that a dream about a stranger can indicate both that you are being protected by higher forces, and that they are going to punish you for your own atrocities. If you have a pleasant experience of sleep, and you are happy to wake up - such a dream rather indicates a successful event in the future.

If the stranger in the dream was untidily dressed, and you woke up alarmed - such a dream portends a series of troubles that will fall on you like a snowball. A dream interpreter advises to be vigilant and in any case not to embark on adventures.

In the East Dream Book it is said that it is also worth considering the emotions of sleep. It is necessary to recall all the details. In the Universal Dream Book it is said that a stranger can mean that a person in life is not in his place, it is high time you decided to decide both in the financial sphere and in love.

If a person has a penchant for creativity, such a dream can mean that it is time for him to develop his talents, and they will help to get him out of a difficult financial situation. If a woman dreams of a stranger who sings a song for her, such a dream means she will listen to flattering words for her for a long time, but there is no truth behind them, they are more likely to benefit from their own interest.

Dream Interpretation advises you to stop any false speech and treats everything pragmatically, otherwise you can get lost in sweet speeches and dream. At the same time, the reality will remain unchanged, which in the future will cause the pain of disappointment. Whatever the dream, it passed, and real life came, so it's better to be warned about future problems and joys. Dreams help in this way to make important and correct decisions, they help in any, even the most difficult life situations.


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