Why do ducks dream: live and dead, big and small. Basic interpretations - why do ducks dream of a girl or a man


In a dream, a person can come across a wide variety of incidents, friends, enemies and even deceased relatives.

Why do we dream of ducks? What can a similar dream mean? It is necessary to understand.

What the ducks are dreaming about - the main interpretation

Having wept in a dream is not so harmless. Rather in total, you will become an object for someone's gossip and negative interest. The bird itself in reality does not bear a negative to a person, but a dream about it can indicate an approaching trouble. What exactly they will be, and what will cause them - the full interpretation of the dream will tell about it.

It is also important to pay attention to the following details of sleep:

• Where exactly did you meet the bird;

• Who else figured in the dream;

• Was the duck alive;

• Are there many ducks;

• What emotions the dream evoked in you.

If you saw ducks in their house and they are just overwhelmed by them - this dream indicates unpleasant rumors and gossip about you and your house. Soon you will find out who breeds them. If the ducks peacefully rest at your home and do no harm, do not bother you - such a dream says that soon you will be able to rest from constant stress, but it's better not to rest in the circle of friends, but alone.

If you will dream that your whole workplace is occupied by ducks - this dream means that at work a lot of attention is paid to your person. Your colleagues are more interested in you than your success in the professional field. The interpreter advises you to stop maintaining close friendly relations with someone at work and simply perform your professional duties in a qualitative way.

So you keep your nerves and your reputation. If you decide that you need to defend your point of view, in the near future you should not rely on understanding and support in this matter from the authorities. While it is better to wait and decide important issues later.

If the ducks drastically disappear from your sleep - someone is very bad at making fun of you. This will not even be a joke, but a sarcasm that you will take seriously and very disappointed in a person. If you see how your beloved wears a duck on his hands - it's he who is making fun of you. Do not betray this huge value, most likely this joke will not be offensive, it just will not be appropriate. Dreambook advises not to judge on it about your relationship with a partner.

Ducks in a dream who can not find a placeto settle - such a dream means that you can fall in the eyes of colleagues and your loved one. This situation will not arise spontaneously. You, most likely, experience attitudes on durability and very much want from them. But in order to receive, you must first give it back.

Also, pay special attention to those dreams in which you hunt for ducks. You will wake up to success in real life. You will be important opinion of others, but you are unlikely to get the desired result.

If you will your house ducks, which joyfully giggle - your waiting for the long-awaited profits, the long-awaited success. You have invested so much effort to achieve this and now the desired result is in your hands.

If you you will see ducks that leave you - it's time for you to go on a long, but pleasant journey. If you dream of ducks that fly to you for a meeting - this dream promises joy to you in reality. Your house will be filled with happiness and fun.

Black ducks in a dream foreshadow unpleasant news that may even shock you. You will be unpleasantly surprised by the news, you, most likely, will not be able to move away from the disappointment for a long time. If you see snow-white ducks that float peacefully along the lake's surface - such a dream means a successful outcome of a black strip in your life. You can defeat the crisis, you can overcome all the troubles that will meet you on the path of life.

If young the girl will see a flock of ducklings - Such a dream can foretell her addition in the family, she will soon be able to become a mother. If such a dream is dreamed of by a pregnant girl - her pregnancy and childbirth will be successful, she will be happy with motherhood, she will finally be happy.

What is the dream of a duck in the dream book of Freud

In the dream book of Freud, it is said that the ducks are dreaming as a foretaste of empty conversations and unpleasant clarification of relations. Do not pre-tune in for a scandal, most likely, the decisive role in the conflict will play the accumulated resentment and you just need to release steam. But after such clarification, the relationship can be permanently corrupted.

If you dream that you are eating a cooked duck - your hopes that your partner will change his attitude and become more loyal to you - will not be justified. Your partner is a formed personality and he does not consider it necessary to change something in himself, so it's up to you to decide whether the relationship will continue or not.

If you dream that you are shooting ducks on the hunt - such a dream promises an ambivalent relationship with your lover. Dreambook recommends not to take his words literally, but to observe his actions. There is much more truth in them than in phrases uttered in anger.

If you dream of ducks swimming in the water or flying somewhere - this dream says that you are waiting for the trip is not planned, but quite cognitive. Thanks to it, you will be able to establish new contacts and open up completely different perspectives. It's important not to miss such a wonderful chance to change something in your life.

If a pregnant woman dreams of a duck nest - such a dream means that she will be the keeper of the hearth and peace in the family. Her husband will listen to the opinion of his beloved wife. Pregnancy will bring her only favorable emotions. The child will be born on time and with good health.

To dream of ducks in the rain - such a dream means insignificant trouble in your personal life, it will be minor scandals and disagreements, anxiety and lack of stability in the relationship. But do not immediately fall into despair, the efforts will be shallow and they will continue for a short time.

What is the dream of a duck on the Esoteric Dream Book

Duck in a dream, the more wild - to life in freedom and without the hassle, this life will allow you to relax for a while, forget about everyday problems. But do not relax, soon petty problems will remind you.

If you dream of a wild duck with a drake - you will have peace and harmony in the house, you will be happy with everything that will happen in your life. You are expecting pleasant meetings with old friends and acquaintances.

If you dream of a domestic duck - you will be consumed for some time by domestic chores. It will do you good, because you let life go on its own and your family yearns for caring and caressing. Now is the time to show them how you care about them.

If you shoot a wild duck in a dream, you will be restricted by the freedom of material plan. That is, you will be limited financially and will not be able to afford much. If as a result of the shot the duck did not die - such a dream promises you temporary financial difficulties.

If in a dream you kill a wild duck - such a dream means that you are expecting domestic differences and quarrels. A lot of gaggling ducks around you - to anxiety and waste. Stay calm and watchful, because you still have a lot to go through.

Why do ducks dream of other dream books?

In a woman's dream book it is said, why do ducks swim in a river with clear water - dream about a long and exciting trip. If you see the ducks flying away - you are waiting for a grand gift of fate. It can be both a success in personal life, and in a professional field. It all depends on you.

If you dream snow-white ducks, which roam the yard - you expect a big harvest and well-being. Any of your business will be successful and in demand. If you dream of ducks in a dream, such a dream means that you dramatically change your plans, not wanting to do it yourself. If you shoot ducks on the hunt - you should expect to interfere with your plans for strangers. They will be disposed towards you unkindly, because they pursue mercantile goals.

In the dream book Grishina it is said that a couple of ducks on a pond foreshadow a romantic acquaintance or communication. If you dream about how ducks fight for bread - such a dream means that you will defend your rights in solving some important issue for you. But do not initially expect to struggle, it is better to use all possible methods to avoid conflict. Whatever the dream, you should always remember that in real life you can change everything.


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