Why do you dream of fresh cucumbers, in the garden or on the table? Basic interpretations - why fresh cucumbers dream


Dreams are sometimes exciting, but at the same time enjoyable. Also, dreams are awesome and cause negative emotions.

Any of them worth explaining. What does the fresh cucumber look like? It is necessary to understand.

What is fresh cucumbers dreamed of - the main interpretation

Fresh cucumbers in a dream - this is a good sign, after such a dream it is necessary to wait for the end of the period of anxieties and troubles. If you have been ill for a long time, your illness will recede, and you will be able to fully engage in all the things that have so long been planned.

Also, such a dream can dream, to an unexpected surprise. If a woman is married - she should expect a joyful event in the family, perhaps her lover will present her with an expensive gift, and she will be very happy to him.

Fresh green cucumbers dream of new beginnings and new discoveries. It is worth to look at all the details of the dream, and make a complete interpretation of the scenario:

• Where do cucumbers grow in a dream;

• Who grows them;

• Are there many of them, or one cucumber;

• Do you eat fresh cucumbers in your sleep;

• What emotions did the dream evoke in you?

It is also important to pay attention to the following interpretation of dreams:

• If you dream that cucumbers are growing in your garden - you will enjoy joy and success, you will be able to independently solve all the accumulated questions;

• If you dream about picking fresh cucumbers from the garden, the result of your hard work will not be long in coming;

• If in a dream the hail and wind beat the cucumbers in your garden - your expectations for making a profit will not come true, you will incur losses and will save money for a long time in order to restore your previous income;

• If you dream about how someone robbed your garden bed, where green cucumbers grew - such a dream means that another person will take your merits.

If the cucumbers in your eyes from the little ones turn into huge and juicy - success in any business you are provided with, another question, what does the dream mean in which cucumbers and green and fresh become rotten and spoiled? Such a dream says that a person has ill-wishers who try in every way to hurt a person and simply simply to frustrate all his plans for the future.

If cucumbers drastically turn black in a dream - this dream says that you are expecting an evil rumor, it will not allow you to realize all your financial plans and plans. If you see beautiful fresh cucumbers in someone else's garden - you will have to envy others' successes, because you yourself are not able to realize your intentions.

If you dream about how someone else grows cucumbers in your garden - such a dream means that either someone will pozaritsya, for your personal happiness, or for your professional success. If you know the person in person - in reality you should not trust him and share with him the secret, most likely he will betray you.

If you see how many different people grow cucumbers in their beds, such a dream means that you will become a participant in a mass event, but, in spite of your hopes, you will not be the center of attention in it.

Also, such a dream can mean that you in time would be occupied with your image, do self-improvement. You have long ceased to monitor yourself and your actions, but strangers do this and find in your actions a lot of unlawful.

If you dream about how you throw out fresh cucumbers, such a dream says that you consciously refuse to make good money, because your ambitions will prevail. It is not necessary to allow emotion to control you, you have to make all important decisions on your own and not allow someone else's opinion to lead everything in your life.

If you dream of a large feast and the main dish on it will be fresh cucumbers - such a dream means that soon you will be pleased with the news, they will allow you to look at everything in your life differently. This is likely to be news from your distant relatives, or from close friends.

If you see a huge basket of cucumbers, and you give it to someone - you will do a worthy deed, your help will be indispensable, and you will be appreciated. If you see how you eat a cucumber in a dream, and it turns out to be bitter - your hopes will not be justified, instead of joy you will be upset. But these will be temporary troubles that will not affect the main course of events in your life.

What is fresh cucumber dreaming about Freud's dream book?

What does the fresh cucumber look like? Such a dream in the dream book of Freud is interpreted as the making of a woman to diversify her sex life. Cucumbers in the dream book are associated with the male principle. If a woman dreams about how she grows her own cucumbers in the garden - she will be a lot of emotions and efforts to invest in the development of new relationships. If she dreams, how she preserves cucumbers - she will stay with her former partner and at the same time be constantly unhappy with him.

The reason for dissatisfaction may be hidden in his callousness and inattention to her, in his emotionality. He, most likely, simply does not know how to express his emotions and the woman thinks that he is cold to her. If a man dreams about how he grows and collects cucumbers, he pays too much attention to his beauty and consistency. In dealing with people, this can play a cruel joke. He can stay on his own and only then will understand that it is not the external beauty of a person that is important, but his internal merits.

If a man dreams about how a woman feeds his cucumbers, he should immediately diversify his sex life. His energy is in stagnation, he is not in demand. It can cause nervous state and failures in the professional sphere.

If a pregnant woman dreams of fresh and juicy cucumbers - she will not remain without support, she will always come to the rescue. She will give birth to a strong and healthy child - this is how the dream interprets the dream.

What is fresh cucumber dreaming about Esoteric Dream Book

In the Esoteric Dream Book it is said that fresh cucumbers in a dream is a symbol of the masculine principle. If they are green and tasty - such a dream means a woman's help from a man. Perhaps she will have a new boyfriend who will make her life joyful and colorful. Also, such a dream can mean that in a short time a woman will communicate with a rather successful man who will share her valuable experience with her.

If a man dreams of fresh cucumbers, rivals can expect him. This can affect both personal life and professional sphere. If he dreams of how he eats fresh cucumbers, he will overcome all the intrigues of his enemies and remain in his own interests. If a man picks cucumbers in a dream, such a dream means that he will soon collect the fruits of his labors. These can be victories on the personal front as well as in the professional field.

What is fresh cucumbers dreaming about in other dream books?

In the Astronomerian dream book such a dream means that a person will soon say goodbye to all troubles and all diseases. The hard period will be left behind, and only new achievements will await him. It is important to remember the emotions that caused the dream. If it was anxiety and discomfort, most likely a person will have to fight for his right for a long time.

If, in a person's dream, nothing disturbed him, and he seemed even joyful to him-luck would in any case visit his house. The Women's Dream Book says, that such a dream can indicate the future of a person's excellent health and his prosperity in all matters.

In the Modern Dream Book it is said that if cucumbers are dreaming of men - this is for money, if women - for gifts. If you dream of cucumbers in the snow - you are waiting for gossip about secret love affairs and lovers. Do not give them much importance, most likely it's just gossip.

If you dream, as you bought cucumbers in the market and carry them into the house - you will have a hard time. You will become the culprit because you have not worked for a long time and did not try for other people. If you dream about how you sow cucumbers on a bed - such a dream means that you will incur significant losses, you so hoped for a profit, but in a flash it did not become.

If you dream that someone is trampling on your cucumbers - your desires and the most positive thoughts will in the literal sense of the owl be trampled. You will be very upset by this, but do not worry too much about this, soon everything will be fine, you just look at the attacker in a completely different light. Whatever the dream, you create your own reality. The main thing is a belief in one's own strength.


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