What to wear in summer

Summer is the only time when you can afford to wear a minimum of clothes, allowing the body to breathe. But even under such conditions, many women manage to spoil their image with things that are not just out of fashion, but have become antitrains. Already half a year has passed, and on the streets you can meet women who still sing odes 2007-2010 fashion. Thus they look much older than their age.

Fashion is cyclical, but there are things that are already difficult to attach somewhere this season. Revision "So simple!" tell you what things you need to put off on the far shelf. Sometimes for a stylish and fashionable summer image it is enough to clean the closet instead of buying new clothes.

Summer anti-summer-2018

  • Very short shorts
    Ultra short shorts with low fit out of fashion already about 5 years ago. They are worn as teenage girls, and ladies of all sizes. This model gives out all the flaws in the figure and often looks vulgar. It is better to wear shorts of free cut with an overstated waist - elegant and not hot. In addition, they can be advantageously combined not only with T-shirts, but also with light blouses.

  • Fatine
    These magnificent skirts and transparent dresses 2 years ago were on all polls. But in connection with the overabundance in the streets of images with these things, in 2018 they automatically turned into anti-trend. So it's time to give preference to things made of cotton or linen, which look noble and allow the body to breathe.

  • Ragged jeans
    Along with the extremely short shorts from the wardrobe is to remove jeans, which have more holes than the fabric. This is the last century. You can safely use them for walks in the country, but they are no longer suitable for everyday life. Little scrapes are a classic, but holes and incisions on the knees have sunk the past. Already 3-th year in fashion single-tone jeans free cut with a high fit.

  • Blouses with open shoulders
    Blouses and tops with open shoulders, made in the spirit of the French village, too, it's time to put it away. It was fashionable, but the glory days of this little thing passed. They will always be appropriate on the beach, but for a stylish urban image this season they are not suitable. Another thing is blouses and tops of an asymmetric cut, for example, on one shoulder.

  • linen style
    Suits in the form of pajamas and tops in the form of underwear also entered this list. A couple of years of vilified and enough. It is not necessary to put on tops from an atlas or a velor with a lace on a decollete. There are many basic things that will adequately replace them. If you can not imagine your image without a pencil skirt and a similar top, then choose silk tops (satin) without lace and buttons, which allude to pajama style.

  • Chokers
    If before these ornaments were fashionable, now it's just an inappropriate accessory. For several years, all the stylists have added them to the list of antitrends, but women continue to buy and wear them. If you want to emphasize the neck, wear long earrings, and if you want to look trendy, then one.

  • Flip Flops
    There are no more shoes that would so forgive and worsen the image of women like Vietnamese women. On the beach or in the pool - forward. But they do not have to walk around the city. Now in the fashion slippers of various models, so that you can choose for every taste.

Fashion is fleeting. There are two options: either you follow all the trends and in time adapt your wardrobe to the requirements of the time, or choose the classical basic things that you can wear 5-7 for years and not think about it. But the main thing is to wear things that emphasize your dignity in the best way, fit under the lifestyle and allow you to feel comfortable.

A source: takprosto.cc

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