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A vaccination calendar for a child

\ Vaccination (from lat. Vaccus - cow) or vaccination - the introduction of antigenic material in order to induce immunity to the disease, which will prevent infection or reduce its negative effects. The antigenic material used is: live, but weakened microbial strains; dead (inactivated) microbes; purified material, such as microorganism proteins; synthetic vaccines are also used. Child vaccination calendar A unique vaccination calendar that ...

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safe day calendar

Calendar of safe days

"Safe days" - the days with the lowest probability of pregnancy. The safest days are 2 on the day before menstruation and 2 on the day after it. To calculate the time of ovulation, and calculate the days in which you can not get pregnant, first of all, you need to know the duration of the menstrual cycle. If a woman has an unstable cycle, then it is basically impossible to calculate “safe days”. [wpcalc ...

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pregnancy calculator online

Calculator of pregnancy, determination of the date of conception, growth of the child in the first and second trimester of pregnancy and term.

Pregnancy is a special condition of a woman's body, in which there is a developing embryo or fetus in its reproductive organs. Your baby grows from a pinhead size to about 7 / 8 pounds in 40 weeks. This pregnancy calculator allows you to determine the date of conception, the growth of the child in the first and second trimester of pregnancy and the term. [wpcalc id = 777]